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Stephenson Tree Care, Inc. is a local, established, full-service professional pruning, removal, and tree care company. We specialize in low-impact pruning and removal techniques in order to protect your surrounding landscape and adjacent plantings. Our priorities are worker safety, protection of customer property, and proper pruning techniques for the health of your valuable trees and shrubs.

Brand New!

Our new - Arborist Controlled Automated Tree Removal System allows us to remove trees safely and efficiently while preventing damage to nearby structures. The exacting control of the robotic arm allows precision cuts and removal. Check out a recent removal we did just feet away from an historical house.

Emerald Ash Borer Found In Madison, Wisconsin

We are all disappointed at the headlines documenting the Ash borer has been found in  Madison, WI. STC is dedicated to informing our clients of updated information, policies, and treatment. Give our office a ring for more info.
Click here to calculate the benefits your ash trees give to your home and budget.

4 Point Emerald Ash Borer Action Plan

  1. Evaluate Health & Condition
  2. Treatments to Protect
  3. Nutrients for Health
  4. Deadwood removal & Corrective Pruning

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Tree identification and condition rating reports for Architects, Landscape Architects, Builders, Municipal Engineering Departments.

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Pruning and Removal

Tree pruning - madison treeProper corrective and training pruning of all your trees is important for their health and well-being. Our certified arborists will ensure that the work is done correctly to industry standards. 


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