About Us

Stephenson Tree Care, Inc. is a locally established full service tree care company. We are committed to excellence; our staff is highly educated, skilled, and dedicated to providing Madison and surrounding areas with the best tree care available. We proudly employ a team of 4 certified arborists.

Our certified staff is eager to share our knowledge and expertise in order to provide you with comprehensive tree care. We are passionate about creating healthier trees, and are dedicated to using cutting edge science and technology to bring you the most effective and environmentally conscious results.

Our Priorities

  • Worker safety and training
  • Protection of your property including structures, adjacent plantings, and landscapes
  • Longevity and health of your trees through proper care
  • Eco-friendly treament options and disposal of waste


Our Green Mission

Stephenson Tree Care, Inc. makes every effort to find a home for the wood by-products generated from its pruning and removal operations.

Our goal is to recycle as much of the chips, limbs, and logs as possible thereby reducing the amount of waste going into local landfills. Wood chips and firewood available. Log salvage, milling, and lumber for sale - call for details.


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