Plant Health


  • Foliage and insect analysis
  • Soil analysis
  • Root zone Analysis
  • Structure and hazard analysis

Insect and Disease Management

  • Targeted and preventative control over common pests (Japanses beetle, emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, aphids, etc.)
  • Foliar disease managment (scab, powdery mildew, needle cast disease of evergreens, etc.)
  • Oak wilt and Dutch elm disease
  • Year round plan health care programs

Soil Management

  • Organic soil injections
  • Micronutrient injections
  • Chlorosis (FE+ deficiency)
  • Water management for new plantings and stressed trees
  • Radial trenching and organic mulch backfilling
  • Organic garden amendments

Root Management

  • Girdling root correction
  • Soil depth correction due to improper planting and backfilling

Construction Protection and Damage Remediation

  • Root cutting for footings, driveways, patios (using air spade)
  • Protection zones and plan writing
  • Mulch road construction for equipment
  • Soil compaction alleviation (air spade)
  • Soil replacement

Growth Regulation

  • Regulate the size of trees in urban areas
  • Increase root density
  • Increase tolerance to insects and disease

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